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How to integrate with TestRail
How to integrate with TestRail
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Global App Testing's integration with TestRail enables you to launch and receive test cases directly out of test rail for superior test management.

Please note that this integration only works with Express Tests.

Setting up TestRail x Global App Testing

To set up your integration

1. Head over to the tab labelled "Integrations"

2. Create "create integration" on the button labelled TestRail

3. Paste your TestRail instance URL, your TestRail username and your TestRail API key in the form boxes provided

3a. If you do not know how to set up an API key, follow these instructions

4. Save and exit.

To start using your integration

Within TestRail, follow these steps:

  1. Create a project with Test Cases (if you don't have any)

  2. Go to Test Run and Results section

  3. Click "Add Test Run" button on the right

  4. Fill the form, select Test Cases and click "Add Test Run"

  5. The Test Run page will appear.

  6. Click Launch this test under the Global App Testing logo on the right (see Image below)

  7. This will run your test on the Global App Testing environment from which you copied the UI Script. If you want to run this on a different environment (eg. automagic, localhost) you will need to change the host of the link that the button leads to.

  8. Once the testing will be done the results will visible on the Test Run page.

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