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Integrating with Jira
Integrating with Jira

How to integrate with jira and our Global App Testing for Jira app

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Global App Testing's integration with Jira allows you to send and receive tests directly to and from Jira.

Setting up Jira x Global App Testing

  1. Head over to the tab labelled "Integrations"

  2. Click "create integration" on the button labelled "Jira"

  3. You will be prompted to install Global App Testing for Jira as below. Hit "install" and follow further instructions.

  4. When you're done, follow the instructions from the Jira side below.

From Jira

  1. Log into your Jira instance.

  2. Click the Apps dropdown and choose Find new apps.

  3. Search for Global App Testing for Jira and click on the app tile.

  4. Click Get app to start installing your app.

  5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

After you have finished setting up the App following the instructions you are ready to use our Jira integration to Export bugs!


  • Would your team be able to access our JIRA system?

The plugin does not provide access to your Jira instance to any of our testers or test managers.

  • How can accounts be managed and what they can see and do within JIRA

You will not need to create new user accounts or share your JIRA login details with us. Once you select bugs to export, our platform communicates with the plugin and the plugin creates the bugs in your Jira instance.

Enhancing your Jira integration

Some clients use Smartbear Zephyr, which enhances their Jira integration to include test case management. You can find more information here.

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