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How to launch express vs advanced tets
How to launch express vs advanced tets
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Advanced Tests are the more complex tests that are needed for the application and while they are not as fast as express tests (48 hours), they will be able to provide a more targeted testing or scope.

You can read in more detail about the differences between Express and Advanced testing in this article.

How to launch an advanced test

  1. Login, and head to the Launch tab

  2. Select your application stage

  3. In the following pictures, we have selected a Release test.

4. Select your test purpose, e.g. "audit for compatibility issues"

5. Select your test targeting and any operational requirements.

4-5a. Please note that for many tests, your test will automatically be assigned to "advanced" based on your choices and the express test option will be greyed out (see below.)

6. Fill in all the fields as instructed in the tooltips provided

7. Give your test run a name – this will be helpful when you come to analyze the results

8. Schedule your test or select "Now" to start your test immediately

9. Click on "Preview and Launch test"

10. You have reached the final page and if everything is ready you need to press the "Launch this test" button. Otherwise you can edit the test details.

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