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Launching Express Tests
Launching Express Tests

how to launch express tests

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An express test is designed to get results to you in just 6 hours. The results also come through in real-time, making express testing a great way to do smoke testing, regression testing, or testing on new features.

You can read in more detail about the differences between Express and Advanced testing in this article.

How to launch an express test: step-by-step

  1. Head over to the "launch" tab (see below).

2. Select your application type between Design, Development, Release, and Live

3. Select the purpose of your test. (See below)

  • NB. For some options, your test will be automatically assigned to become an advanced test. This will affect your turnaround time and pricing. It should be clear whether your test is on track to qualify for express testing: the express testing option will grey out when your requirements are not possible under the service.

4. The next step will ask you about custom testing requirements. Please click Continue with Express.

5. Fill in the fields

6. Name your test run

7. Click "Preview and launch"

8. Upload any test cases if required


9. Review your test details

10. Hit "launch" and await your results in your dashboard.

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