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Competitive benchmarking service
Competitive benchmarking service
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General information

What are these surveys for?

Our Competitive Benchmarking service is designed to provide businesses with insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their product offerings. We provide businesses with a clear understanding of where they stand in the market and help them optimize their product offerings to maximize success.

What do they involve?

Our team of expert testers conduct a thorough evaluation of multiple competing products, using a combination of core flows and questionnaires to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback. We analyze the data collected to provide businesses with detailed reports that identify areas where they can improve their products and services, as well as areas where they excel compared to their competitors.

Cost / Turnaround

These are scoped individually, so both the timing and pricing depend on the complexity of the request.

What we'll need from you

– 10-15 questions you’d like answered about the products

– Access to your product, and up to three competitor products

How to get started

  1. Head to the "services" tab of your Global App Testing login.

  2. Look for "competitor benchmark report"

  3. Request the service.

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